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We are accepting Translators, Editors and Proofreaders. Let’s go through them all one by one.




New in the field? No problem.

We welcome everyone who is interested to join.

If you do not have enough experience, we are here to guide you. We will get you set up with proofreaders and editors and help you improve your translation. Practice makes perfect and all translators had to start from somewhere – we just ask that you have, at minimum, conversational English skills and a willingness to use multiple dictionaries/translation resources when needed.
*Note that you may be removed if found to be posting pure MTL or posting work so poorly done that it looks like pure MTL.


Update frequency.

Real life comes first. Quality comes before quantity. That said, you will be removed from the group if your update frequency is lower than 1 chapter per week. Just notify the staff (any administrator) if you need to take a long-term leave, and you will still be considered active.

You will need to post the chapters yourself. Don’t worry, you will be given detailed guide (with pictures) on how to post to the site! (The table of contents, previous and next buttons are all auto-generated, so posting is effortless.)


We are open to (almost) all Genres!

We accept Chinese as well Japanese novels. You can pick whatever project you like.

Note: If you pick up a project that has been dropped by the previous translator, ensure that either it has been 3+ months since the last update or the previous translator had explicitly stated that they had dropped the project.


You can earn money from your translations.

First, we offer  a shared Ad-revenue of 0.50¢ in USD per 1000 views. Second, you can set-up your own Ko-fi or Patreon to earn from your translations.


How will I be paid?

You need a Paypal account. Please make one if you don’t have.


How can I apply?

Kindly fill out the application form.




Being an editor is not just looking for typos, grammatical errors and such. It is an essence to think of the flow of the story and make it smooth as you go along the editing.

Since translators phase vary, your schedule will depend on the their leading the project(s).

Please note that being an editor/proofreader position is voluntary and very rarely will be a paid position.

Kindly fill out the application form if you are interested to join us.